ultrasound V max wrinkle remover Radar Line Carve V max face lift Anti-Wrinkle Skin Tightening V mate machine

Short Description:

  • Frequency: 4MHz
  • Number of Handles: Dual Handle
  • energy: 10-100J
  • Launch mode: Single / continuous mode
  • Input power: AC 110V-220V-50Hz/60Hz
  • Weight: Host:12kg
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    Using the good tissue penetration of mechanical radar waves, the 65-degree thermal energy is accurately transmitted to the skin's SMAS layer (approximately 3.5mm~4.5mm), effectively stimulating fibroblasts to split the nascent cells at 40 times per second,dissolving Facial fat cells, tighten skin contours, repair damaged fibrous tissue, stimulate collagen cell regeneration, and quickly achieve the effect of thin face and firm Q-bomb. At the same time, the precise positioning of the radar wave can actively identify the fat cells and reach the depth of the target through a unique probe friction method so that the patient does not feel pain.

    Reasons for facial aging:

    The skin structure is from shallow to deep. It is generally divided into epidermis,dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and SMAS fascia.Facial aging is caused by the inside and outside, mainly with SMA fascia aging, internal soft tissue loss, and outer skin relaxation. There are three major factors related to sagging. The SMAS fascia is our superficial muscle aponeurosis system, which consists mainly of muscle, diaphragm and fat, and is located deep in the skin. The aging of this layer of tissue is the root cause of wrinkles in the skin.

    Treatment range:
    Facial wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles around the lips, neck lines, bags under the eyes, double chin, improve skin texture, firm facial contours, restore skin elasticity; for example, apple muscle, dark circles, stencil, scent, acne face, Eye bags, hormone face, large pores, baby fat, cheeks and so on. Advantage 1: Facial lifting, reshaping contours – all-round tightening of the entire face, including the eyes, cheeks, forehead and neck, for a comprehensive improvement of facial contours.
    Advantage 2: Firming the skin and improving relaxation – Because of aging breaks and loose collagen fibers, it stimulates the regeneration of collagen in the body, increases the collagen content in the skin, enhances skin elasticity, and restores the skin to a firm and rich young state. Advantage 3: Shrink pores, delicate and moving - control the secretion of oil on the face, perfectly shrink the pores of the face, let you present pores and delicate skin. Advantage 4: Remove wrinkles and smooth skin -
    remove all kinds of crow's feet, forehead lines, wrinkles, brow wrinkles, wrinkles around the ears, wrinkles around the lips, nasolabial folds, and neck wrinkles to restore skin's smoothness. Advantage 5: Promote metabolism, reverse aging - promote the decomposition of subcutaneous fat and the metabolism of collagen cells, stimulate the spontaneous proliferation and reorganization of elastic fibers, reverse the process of aging due to the loss of collagen cells, so that you can stay young. Exogenous effects:
    remove the corners of the eyes, the law lines, the Sichuan style, raise the head lines, tighten the loose skin of the face,eliminate the double chin, face-lift, reshape the facial contour.

    HIFC advantages:
    Firstly, the outer corners, the decree lines, the kawasaki lines, the head lines are lifted, the facial skin is tightened, the
    double chin is removed, the face is thinned, and the facial contour is reshaped. Internally solve the problem of cell aging, no vitality, decreased function of tissues and organs, skin wrinkles and darkness; First: Pulling to tighten the skin of the cheeks, tightening the entire face and lifting the forehead and eyes Wrinkles around the lips Second: improve the skin texture, make the skin delicate, shiny, remove all kinds of crow's feet, squat wrinkles, wrinkles in the ears, wrinkles around the lips, forehead lines, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, neck wrinkles, Let the skin regain its smoothness. The third is to remove the neckline and prevent neck aging. Because aging breaks and loose collagen fibers, it stimulates the regeneration of collagen in the body, increases the collagen content in the skin, enhances skin elasticity, and restores the skin to a firm and rich young state.
    Fourth: Improve skin elasticity and contour tightness, control facial oil secretion, and perfectly shrink facial pores, so that you can show pores and delicate skin.

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