Dark Blue RF Introduction

What is deep blue radio frequency?

Mainly through the generation of 40.68mhz rf field in a specific depth under the skin, the polar water molecules in the skin and subcutaneous tissue produce high-speed rotation vibration, so as to rapidly heat the tissue. The increase of temperature can promote the partial metabolism of fat, stimulate the hyperplasia and reorganization of collagen and elastic fiber, and achieve the effect of tightening skin and stretching. Increased local blood flow carries away the metabolites of fat cells. Increased oxygen levels in the blood. The thermal effect stimulates the formation of collagen blasts and the rearrangement of collagen fibers. After thermal injury, the body body is released (surviving too) to repair the epidermal base at the edge of the wound, generating too much in the subcutaneous tissue to push forward the injured skin tissue continuously to complete the repair. Revitalize and stimulate collagen production, leaving skin white and delicate.

What side effects can dark blue radiofrequency appear?

The answer is yes. Like most forms of toning, it works on the same principle as’ damage reconstruction ‘, the process by which you firm, lift, improve your skin and smooth out wrinkles. About this, deep blue radio frequency also cannot avoid vulgality, although its energy means is different from other, but it is to achieve hairdressing purpose through high temperature stimulation hypodermic organization as before, so the problem came, there is injury can appear side effect likely, be not? In general, the following side effects may occur with dark blue rf:

1. Local edema, the subcutaneous tissue was damaged by high temperature, which hindered blood return, increased capillary blood pressure and increased tissue fluid generation, resulting in blood retention and edema. After the reconstruction of wound vessels in the body (survival too), blood flow was smooth and swelling subsided naturally.

2, uneven hyperplasia scar, it is often in the dermal trauma, lies in the lack of (survival) and cause deep scar collagen fiber thickening, irregular arrangement, or show of wave shape, or winding rope shape, collagen synthesis of excessive continues, than the speed of decomposition, for quite a long time, formed a large number of collagen fibers.

3, skin dark and dry skin, skin under normal circumstances, the skin has self-moisturizing ability, this function is mainly completed by the skin barrier. When the barrier is damaged by heat damage, the moisturizing layer will break and leak, the rate of water loss of the skin will be accelerated, and the moisture content of the cuticle will decrease and break, which will lead to dry skin, desquamination, itching, redness and swelling, and the skin will become extremely sensitive. And (survival too) is the only way to repair the barrier function of the moisturizing layer to maintain and protect the skin. It can provide nutrition for the damage of the cuticle, moisturizing layer, elastin layer and collagen fiber layer at different levels.

4, face partial collapse, this is mainly the problem of equipment and operators, the former if the copycat version, it is not only the problem of collapse, the girls all understand ha. If the latter lacks experience and technology, it cannot accurately control energy intensity, and it is likely to cause subcutaneous fat dissolution because of high energy, which will cause local collapse.

What should we pay attention to after finishing deep blue rf?

1, do not eat spicy, irritating food, and easy to hair food within a week. And avoid tobacco, avoid alcohol.

2, in a month to avoid high temperature environment, such as: hot springs, Sang Vanilla, high temperature yoga, and avoid exposure to the sun.

3, do the first 20 days to maintain the body (survival too) level stability, in order to do a good job of cell base protection, to avoid possible side effects.

4, do not blindly use any skin products to wipe the face, avoid touching wounds, to avoid infection.

5. Do not wash your face with overheated (over body temperature) water within a week.

6, within a week, do not use fruit acid exfoliating products and other care products.

7. Apply facial mask to replenish moisture in time, no more than 2 times a week. It is recommended to use a good moisturizer and moisturizer before going to bed to help lock in water.

How many times does dark blue rf need to be done? How long will it last?

Would say, and do a time is not very obvious, because the relative Yu Chaosheng knife, the other way, such as heat, maggie deep blue radio frequency or mild, meaning that its temperature is not high, this will bring certain disadvantages, that is to improve every time is limited, you need to do for many times, take the DP division division, a total of 4 times, before and after is a course of treatment, Need to do one or two courses of treatment commonly, even more, every course of treatment is in 3 to 5, every interval time is controlled in a month, want to restore put apart time for skin, lest accentuate skin burden, cause a few concurrent conditions. The quality and quantity of new cells in the first three months determines success. The balance of nutrients given within six months of completion determines the duration of maintenance for the next few years. Before and after doing, comprehensive supplement (survival too) to improve their repair function, complete the optimization of young state of new cells. In foreign rf with a complete set of nutrients (survival too), the combination of internal and external can prolong the effect of up to 5-10 years.

I finished the dark blue radio frequency 4 times, I feel bright blind, the girls must be very concerned about the specific parts can improve? Its main indications include baby fat, double chin, facial relaxation, fine wrinkles improvement, nasolabial groove improvement, neck tightening postpartum repair, liposuction post-repair, waist and abdomen shaping, hip and leg shaping and so on. If you’re under the age of 55, there’s a good chance you could try it. Why? Because some fairies are not able to do, such as: skin malignant swelling left; Active skin bing; Pacemaker implants; Implantable automatic defibrillation and cardioverter; Other implanted electronic devices; Skin fillers; Pregnant women.

Post time: Apr-22-2022